“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

- Aesop

SeeKindness is a social enterprise. Our Mission is to deepen our connection to each other and our communities through sharing acts of kindness. We will be launching several mission-aligned products in the coming months.

Our Vision is to strengthen community resiliency, cultivate a safe space for positivity and encourage vulnerability through the recognition of kindness and gratitude.


SeeKindness is a social engagement platform where you can post an act of kindness you received or did for someone on the map. Why bother? Because together, we are creating a global snapshot of all the goodness that perseveres, even in the darkest times.

SeeKindness helps our users be the change in the world they want to see. We provide the tools to map acts of kindness all over the world: acts of kindness people have done for others, acts of kindness that others have done for them, or acts of kindness that they have seen unfold. Everything from small moments of human kindness to large-scale, life-changing events. We map it all.


Our research has shown that we don’t necessarily think of ourselves as kind. Nice, maybe. But kind is not an adjective we often use to describe ourselves. In fact, when we asked users to recall an act of kindness they had done for someone else, they had a hard time talking about it. Some felt that they were being insincere, some felt uncomfortable talking themselves up, and some believed they had not done any acts of kindness. In fact, we all do and receive acts of kindness every day, we just don’t notice them.

We found that it is much easier to recall an act of kindness someone has done for us. We remember the feelings of someone going out of their way to make us feel seen and acknowledged. We want to help people see that they make the same impact when they do an act of kindness and that no act is too small or insignificant to have meaning.


We started SeeKindness in March 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic, even though Tim Bramwell had nurtured this idea for more than a year and a half before. We saw that even in unprecedented times of anxiety and uncertainty, people were connecting with others. We saw communities come together, neighbours sharing what they had, everyone wearing masks to take care of their vulnerable citizens. We saw the world change in a really drastic way. And we wanted to make sure that it was documented.

So SeeKindness was born. And we keep growing! More and more users are joining the mission and we are creating new features to help spread even more kindness. We are about to launch Kindness News: articles from around the world. We are also launching Bisoo – virtual group hugs sent from across the world. You can send a Bisoo to your grandmother and have people anywhere post messages with their locations, creating a personalized map of kindness and gratitude. 

Join us in making the internet a kind, more connected place!


We want to remind everyone to see the kindness that is all around them. We think that this will inspire more kindness and help people change the way they see themselves and others. We think it’ll help us be more mindful of each other. We also think it will help to ease some of the anxiety and depression rampant in the world today.

We want to create a place on the internet that is all about kindness. Where you can safely post about something good you did without a troll cutting you down. Where you can learn about kindness and why it’s important. A place where kids can post about kindness without being exposed to any nastiness.

By looking at kindness in business we hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to build kindness into what they do. By partnering with social scientists we hope to explore how kindness can be a part of everyday mental health.

In short, we want to change the world to become a kinder, gentler place for everyone.

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