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In the midst of a global pandemic, we are all feeling the heightened economic stress and increased political unrest, it could be argued that November 2020 should simply be ignored in the hope that it will go away soon, and forgotten just as quickly.

November 13, 2020 is World Kindness Day, so the team at SeeKindness.org offers another option. During your life, you have surely felt some kindness – from family or a stranger. Let’s use today to remember how that felt.

Kindness is well known to:

Release feel-good hormones (Oxytocin)

Ease anxiety

Be good for your heart

Reduce stress

Prevent illness

Slow aging

Improve relationships

Be contagious

At SeeKindness, we believe that the world is kind. And we exist to empower it. SeeKindness.org provides the tools to see and share the kindness that exists around us. Right now, we provide a relatively simple way for users to post acts of kindness, which are then displayed on local maps for readers to see and experience.

We started in the summer of 2020, and our message has reached hundreds of people resulting in hundreds of posts. But our vision is much larger.

Unfortunately, the notion of kindness gets lost when people feel they are in crisis. And it is easy to feel right now that we are in a crisis. The primary goal of SeeKindness is to oppose the stress, anxiety and despair we are experiencing. It’s a significant goal. One that we hope substantially eases anxiety so that we have the energy to tackle the huge challenges that we face.

Kindness is easily recognizable and teachable. And it’s like a muscle that may not have been used much lately – once these simple words and gestures are (re)-learned, the pleasure and powerful emotions make it stronger.

In our research with users, we regularly find that people are shy to describe acts of kindness that they initiate or perform, but are happy to recognize acts of kindness done by others. I’m certain that reaction is related to social norms, but we want to change that. Why?

Because self-awareness of your own acts of kindness will help you in ways that you cannot imagine. For one, others watching you will want to be around you more because you make them feel good. And they will imitate your actions. It’s a self-fulfilling circle. And one way that we can overwhelm the world with kindness.

Our contribution includes the release of Kindness Cards in early 2021. We will also broaden our outreach programs to help you recognize kindness.

Kindness Cards are a unique tool that you can use to recognize other people’s kindness. Whether you want to recognize the coach of your child’s sport team, employees within your business, or public figures or groups for doing a good job, Kindness Cards is an excellent tool.

We will also be expanding our outreach programs to empower regional kindness ambassadors to promote kindness in your community.

On this World Kindness Day, take a step to help our collective anxiety by looking for and recognizing a single act of kindness during the day. Just one. It’s an easy thing to do. Ask a stranger if they are okay. Let a co-worker know that you are there for them. Thank someone for doing something nice.

Whether you use the tools at SeeKindness.org, or not, today is the perfect day to start. To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau, kindness is an investment that never fails.


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