Going Global: Acts of Kindness Around the World

ByLeah ✨ Community Manager /

One of the most amazing things about SeeKindness is being able to see Acts of Kindness from other parts of the world. We currently have users sharing their stories of kindness from five different continents: North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. 

Acts of Kindness, whether they are random or intentional, big or small, between friends or strangers, spark something inside us that is deeply human. Our reactions to doing, receiving, or seeing Acts of Kindness are universal. It warms our hearts. It renews our faith in humanity.

Kindness is in our DNA.

Here are some recent Acts of Kindness from the four corners of the world:



Favourite Acts

  • Gauri Bee

    the day before Yesterday a complete stranger came up to me at the supermarket and insisted on paying for my groceries. He said it was his birthday and he was doing #randomActsOfKindness Yest was also my first time back at the Gurdwara since lockdown, AND day 1 of #Navratri God bless you💜💜💜
  • See Kindness

    I live in Tokyo and I often get my pre-work coffee from convenience store. The state of emergency has been lifted a few weeks ago, but there's still the anxiety of taking the trains to work everyday. I was buying coffee from the lawson I usually go to near my work, and the manager asked me if i had a coupon (previous receipts would sometimes come with coupons), so i said no. Then he started looking at the pile of receipts near the cashier where other customers who don't keep them stash them, and he found me one. So I got 20% off my coffee, and it felt like it's just what I needed that day. #randomactofkindness
  • Louise Stephens-Pantoja

    Surprised with a beautiful bunch of my favourite sunflowers from a neighbour whose guinea pigs I'm feeding while she's away! Made my day!
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