See Kindness x Gentle Business Revolution Podcast

Gentle Business Revolution Podcast: Seeing Kindness

Leah ✨ Community Manager

Sarah Santacroce is the founder and host of the Gentle Business Revolution Podcast. She has a bold vision. Sarah sees a future where businesses are motivated by positive social change and measured by their impact rather than just their profits. Where the business and marketing model shifts from high-pressure, scarcity and urgency to kindness and empathy.

Her podcast features entrepreneurs who embody these ideals and companies that are dedicated to the same goals: making the world a better place through ethical business practices and authentic branding. 

This is why we are so thrilled to be featured on Episode 75 of The Gentle Business Revolution Podcast! Among other things, our wide-ranging discussion examines how kindness is as important in business as it is in daily life and how businesses with kindness at the core are excelling. Shouldn’t all businesses be social enterprises? Shouldn’t all businesses be making the world a better place?

To hear about all this and more, check out The Gentle Business Revolution Show. It is a great way to be mindful of how kindness can fit in both your life and the workplace. No matter what business or field you are in, there are always opportunities for kindness.

Also, if your business has kindness at the core, drop us a line, or email us at We are doing a series on kindness in business and would love to feature you!

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