24 Days of Kindness Challenge: Day 9

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Today we challenge you to make a card. I know, I know, it’s very similar to yesterday’s challenge to send a snail mail letter.

Today’s prompt is specifically designed to challenge you to acknowledge someone you see often. Maybe it’s your partner or your roommate, a parent, a teacher, or maybe a good friend.

Sometimes it can be hard to acknowledge the people we love the most. So make them a card, tell them you see them, and let them know just how much they mean to you.

Share your experiences on our world map. See previous 24 Days of Kindness Challenge prompts here.



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Favourite Acts

  • Zoe Fitzgerald

    Since quarantine started, I've been sending handmade watercolour paintings to friends in the mail. Some of them went to my closest friends, but I also made artworks for acquaintances who posted on social media that they were having a hard time. I've made 40 paintings, and still have another 25 folks on my list. An unexpected result of constantly sending out mail is that I receive lots of kind thank you cards and notes, which has been so wonderful during a pretty lonely time.
  • We had a woman drop by our house. She found my wife's ID and credit card in a parking lot (where my wife had dropped them getting into her car)...and drove them home to us. We failed to her name. But, she saved us a great deal of time and grief. What an amazing act of kindness!
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