24 Days of Kindness Challenge: Day 3

ByLeah ✨ Community Manager /

Today’s suggestion is to drop off a box of goodies with a note saying “thank you” at a local hospital, halfway home, soup bank, homeless shelter, firehall, seniors’ home… Anywhere you feel that you could sprinkle a little extra love and kindness.

The goal of today’s prompt is to thank and recognize a group of under-appreciated people in a meaningful way.


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Favourite Acts

  • Tim B.

    I want to thank the staff of the Delta Hospital who treated a family member so well during her recent terminal sickness. It was tough to deal with but the staff were very kind.
  • Sabian Finogwar

    I recently sent a thank you message to one of my longest-time friends since high school, where I thanked her for staying my friend throughout the years for as long as I can remember, despite many negative influences and ultimatums given to her by toxic people, and I told her I really appreciated how she's still with me as a friend. After she read it, she said what I just told her means so much to her and that she's really glad I'm here and that we managed to stick it out 😊
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