24 Days of Kindness Challenge: Day 19

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Today we challenge you to take care of our planet.

There are lots of ways to be kind to Mother Earth. One way is to organize a beach clean up or pick up litter in your local area. Another way is by donating to organizations that are committed to stopping catastrophic climate change, such as the Nature Conservancy.

You might try going vegetarian, because meat production has one of the biggest environmental impacts. Or you might create and support policy changes that preserve wildlife, rainforest, or other regions under destruction. You might ride your bike to work more, plant your own food, conserve water, switch to energy efficient lightbulbs, compost, or work to recycle more items, possibly going zero waste.

Additionally, we can take care of our planet by fighting for sustainable and renewable energy. While all of the previous suggestions focus on what we can do at the individual level, around 70 percent of the world’s historical greenhouse gas emissions were emitted by 100 fossil fuel producers. The fossil fuel industry lobbies for trillions of dollars in subsidies and simultaneously spends billions on climate science denial. They mislead the public about the climate change catastrophe, and push the misperception that through individual actions alone climate change can be stopped.

Therefore, while we must work at the individual level to do all we can to be kind to our planet, we must also look at large-scale changes, especially around renewable energy. We can hold fossil fuel companies accountable for their actions. I add this because talking about climate change can feel depressing. Everything we do is a drop in the bucket. So I want to leave you with this quote from Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

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