24 Days of Kindness Challenge: Day 17

ByLeah ✨ Community Manager /

Today we challenge you to do something kind for yourself.

Self-kindness, or self-care, doesn’t have to be extravagant to have meaning. For example, there are other ways to treat yourself than a 2-month meditation retreat or a full day at the spa. Self-care can just mean having a bath and a glass of wine or spending 15 minutes in nature. It can be a yoga class, meditating, aromatherapy, painting your nails, dancing, making your favourite dinner, splurging on a fancy cheese, or taking the evening to watch your favourite show. Or it can be something entirely different.

Furthermore, being kind to yourself isn’t achieved only through external things. Practicing self-care or self-kindness means doing the tough inner work of treating yourself as you would treat a friend: reminding them of their strengths when they’re down, nurturing them with good food and good company, forgiving them when they make a mistake, and soothing them when they’ve had a hell of a year. (During a pandemic, no less!)

One half of self-care or self-kindness is to do something kind for yourself. The other half is doing the deeper work of practicing self-compassion. Today we challenge you to get a start on self-kindness by giving yourself permission to do something just for yourself. 

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