24 Days of Kindness Challenge: Day 15

ByLeah ✨ Community Manager /

Today we challenge you to create an upbeat playlist for someone.

I know that mix-tapes and mix-CDs are old school (and no one has a walkman or even an iPod anymore…) but good music is still worth sharing. Almost all music streaming sites have playlist features: Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, even Youtube. Apparently, I can finally get rid of all my blank CDs.

A good playlist is a great gift. It’s low-cost and eco-friendly while still being meaningful and personalized. For an added bonus, attach a message explaining why you chose each song.

Additionally, a fun playlist can also be an act of self-care or kindness for ourselves. Putting on a great song can give you the motivation you need to go for a jog, do a work out, wash some dishes, or fold that pile of laundry. Research shows that listening to music changes our mood and even our perceptions. Upbeat, happy songs make us feel happier. And with the year we just had, I think we could all use some extra happiness.

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