24 Days of Kindness Challenge: Day 12

ByLeah ✨ Community Manager /

Today we challenge you to put up a Little Free Library in your yard.

Little Free Libraries are great for creating community in your neighbourhood and inspiring joy and wonder in people both young and old. You can find out more about their amazing programs and how to become a steward here.

If you, like me, live in an apartment and the Little Free Library challenge isn’t viable, we challenge you to share a book you love instead. You could leave a copy in a coffee shop, on a park bench or bus seat, or give it to a friend directly.

Sharing a good book is an act of kindness. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that reading is good for our brains, combats mental decline, and reduces stress and anxiety. In this time of social isolation, reading can be a great source of joy and a wonderful escape.

Share your experiences on our world map. See previous 24 Days of Kindness Challenge prompts here.


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Favourite Acts

  • KAZ

    Mostly I'm managing the anxieties of these days well, but every now and then it just gets tge better of me. After a sleepless night, tossing and turing, my partner declared Karyn Appreciation Day making tea then breakfast for me. A very sweet act of kindness - and the anxiety is already fading.
  • today my fairy godmother dropped by my house to drop off my birthday present. a gorgeous book and purdy's chocolate. i was going to save the chocolate and have it on a special, rainy day... but that plan failed basically the minute i walked through the door. thank you fairy godmother for making my days brighter, the winter warmer, and 2020 saner... i would not be here without you.
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