Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every year there is a lot of pressure on February 14th to make it special. But these past 2 years have been tough. The pandemic has made it hard to be together and spread love the way we used to.

We want to help. If you have a special someone in your life, a friend, romantic partner, or even a family member who needs a little extra love this year, we are here to help.

Use our promo code LOVEKINDNESS at checkout to get a free BisOO.

What is a BisOO??

BisOO are an easy way to send an e-card at SeeKindness. You design a unique card, add your message, and place it on a map with a little pin. We then send a link to your special someone and they open it up to find their own personalized map with your message.

To create your free BisOO use the coupon code LOVEKINDNESS  at checkout. Your BisOO will be on the site for 1 month and you can add up to 5 messages from friends or family if they want to sign too!

Usually, a BisOO costs $4.95 but from February 10 to 14 you will have access for free! Just use the promo code LOVEKINDNESS at checkout!

We hope BisOO makes your Valentine’s Day a little easier and makes spreading the love more fun!