Catagories of Kindness

To support findability and searching as well as for a little fun, we've created these 10 categories for your Acts of Kindness. You don't have to categorize or choose just one. It's up to you! In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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SeeKindness came from the restless energy of a multi-generational group people stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. We decided that we wanted to create positive energy to counter all the stress and tension of those days. Creating SeeKindness was also good for our mental energy as it kept focused.

As we researched the benefits and the scope of SeeKindness matured, we came to understand that SeeKindness could be broadened beyond one pandemic to create positive energy and enhance emotional well-being on a daily basis.

We have big ideas and plans for SeeKindness, and love the support that you are giving us. And please send us your ideas.

SeeKindness uses the default location that you stated in your profile. If you want to change it when submitting a post, type a new location.

The Beatles theme was thought up by our content specialist, Leah. We are planning other themes, so if you have an idea, please let us know.

There is considerable research on the emotional benefits of acts of kindness.

According to this article, kindness is not only a pain killer, reduces stress, improves mood, elevates pleasure and improves relationships, it also makes you more attractive. Who doesn’t want that?

There is science behind kindness. Our brains love kindness. A study of 3000 people found that 95% of people feel good when they help someone else, .. and those feelings last hours or even days for 81% of people.

Do your own research; you will be amazed how a little kindness goes a long way.


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