Was on the West Coast Seeds (https://www.westcoastseeds.com) site today and noticed that they have raised $200,000 for food banks selling the Dr. Bonnie Henry pollinator blend seed packages. That’s what I call a win-win. Food banks benefit and pollinators benefit! Go West Coast Seeds! #KindnessisGoodForBusinessInBC

Wanted to share how kind the good people at BC Bee Supply have been. Not only have they been help full and informative while we waited for the bees to arrive, but on a Very Busy day for them, they took the time to help me by separating my bee packages. (these bee packages came in small boxes that were grouped a 5 together using wooden “rails”) It seems small but they solved a potentially big problem for me and made my work of getting the bees into their new homes way easier #KindnessisGoodForBusinessinBC.

Our Grade One Students came up with a months worth of Random Acts of Kindness that the school community could do at home and school during the pandemic. Share Kindness everyday!

gave my neighbour a surprise this morning. i washed and polished her car . The look on her face when she saw it was priceless. if anything this pandemic has taught us id to be kind and look out for each other. little acts of kindness goes a long way.

Today on my daily walk a littlw boy i come across every day, ran up to me and handed me a flower. This was exactly what I needed to cheer me up today!

I had a rough week and my sweet husband knows I cant eat wheat and that I gave up chocolate for lent. So he thoughtfully came home with a divine pavlova, strictly just for me 💕💕.
I know Ive struck gold ladies!

Today I received a beautiful compliment from a lady that I’ve worked with for the past year on a community board. Thank you Andryana

Day 35, 36 of 40 – Tues. Wed. #RandomActsOfKindness – Yesterday I took coffee to the business next door to me. Today my local coffee shop staff gave me an award! They gave me a card signed by morning staff – it read “to our most giving customer. Thank you for starting a wave of customers buying for each other! You put a smile on our faces too!” It blew me away!

I have been doing 40 days of Kindness for Lent. I am on Day 33. I have done a variety of acts over the last 32 days.

I just ordered my grande iced coffee and buttered Croissants through the drive-thru & as I am approaching the pay window I quickly realize my phone app is not working and I am unable to login which is a huge bummer since the only reason for my visit was to redeem a free drink and pastry! As I pull up I am hesitant whether to ask if they can help me with my login but also not wanting to feel guilty about holding up the line. Just my luck, the car in front of me had paid for my entire order! the girl looks at me with a huge smile across her face and hands me my order and tells me to have a great day. Thank you kind stranger!