Today, a little boy held my hand while I crossed a busy road. He was already holding his father’s hand – he just took mine to keep me safe. I’ve never seen him before; I’ll never see him again. But I’m grateful for having held that child’s hand.

My neighbour’s daughter needs to work from her parent’s house so she can spend as much time with her father as possible as he only had a few months to live. I have shared my WiFi password with them so she can do so easier without using all the data on her phone.

Dear Leah,

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and hopefully a really good LOVEKINDNESS event.

I was flying back to Ontario for Christmas when my friend called me just as I was getting ready to leave for the airport – she too had flown back to Ontario but had forgotten her licence and had a driving test booked that she needed it for. I was able to organize with her landlord to get her licence, bring it back with me, and get it to her in time for her test! Felt so good to see how much she appreciated it and she’s helped me out in similar situations many times before! 😃

My partner made me tea today, in the middle of a chaotic day. Much needed.

was waiting to fill my tires and absorbed in my phone when a stranger knocked on my window and asked if the light went off becsuse he just filled mine, and it had! so sweet!

Last week I mentored someone prior to a job interview. My advice was largely to lean into his unique qualities and not to worry about not having enough experience. Clearly he had enough to offer or they would not have wanted to interview him. Today he told me he got the job! I’m not saying that my mentorship was everything, but I he says it helped tip the scales in his favour. It was a small thing for me that turned into a big thing for this person. I’m so pleased he got the job and who knows where that will go? #kindnessisachainreaction

Talk about going above and beyond! I’d ordered some tea from my favourite tea shop, Steam Tea House ( and after a few days it had not shown up. Very unusual for the Steam Dream Team. So I pinged them just to ask if there had been some mix up with my order. Not only did the owner reach out to explain the situation to me by phone and email, she also showed up at my door on a Saturday morning to hand deliver my order. Amazing! These folks are wonderful. #KindnessIsGoodForBusiness

‘Miss I got it just for you’ handed to me by a child with a beaming smile when I opened the gate to welcome the children into class. Certainly brought a smile to my face and made me feel like I am having an impact. #randomactsofkindness

Wonderful #randomactsofkindness outside Stringer House, LS10 2QW today, a lampost full of crochet worry worms 🙂 how lovely