Went out to breakfast with my son and sister this morning; and there was a gentleman sitting next to us, who paid for our meal. I’ve been depressed a lot lately and that act of kindness made me feel like the world is still worth living in.

Dear Leah,

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and hopefully a really good LOVEKINDNESS event.

Strangers in a restaurant gave us £20 towards our meal when they heard of upcoming wedding 🙂

Talk about going above and beyond! I’d ordered some tea from my favourite tea shop, Steam Tea House (https://steamteahouse.com) and after a few days it had not shown up. Very unusual for the Steam Dream Team. So I pinged them just to ask if there had been some mix up with my order. Not only did the owner reach out to explain the situation to me by phone and email, she also showed up at my door on a Saturday morning to hand deliver my order. Amazing! These folks are wonderful. #KindnessIsGoodForBusiness

‘Miss I got it just for you’ handed to me by a child with a beaming smile when I opened the gate to welcome the children into class. Certainly brought a smile to my face and made me feel like I am having an impact. #randomactsofkindness

Wonderful #randomactsofkindness outside Stringer House, LS10 2QW today, a lampost full of crochet worry worms 🙂 how lovely

I was in the Starbucks drive theu and i pulled up and the gentleman in front of me had paid for my coffee. I then paid it forward to the next car

A teenager was torn between buying two books she loved, but she only had the money for one. Another customer, a complete stranger to the teenager, bought her the other book as she didn’t want her to leave behind a book she wanted. 😍🥳📚👏

There is a new mural in Okotoks, Alberta celebrating kindness in their community. Read the full story here:

Erica Spencer, one of the young artists working on the mural, had a good quote for them to base their work on: “Given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”

I paint rocks and hide them around town to spread kindness and joy!