Was on the West Coast Seeds (https://www.westcoastseeds.com) site today and noticed that they have raised $200,000 for food banks selling the Dr. Bonnie Henry pollinator blend seed packages. That’s what I call a win-win. Food banks benefit and pollinators benefit! Go West Coast Seeds! #KindnessisGoodForBusinessInBC

I received a present from a follower on Twitter, where i had shared my Amazon Wishlist. It arrived on a day i was suffering from exhaustion. A rainbow on a rainy day! So grateful!

We stopped by a Mcdonalds drive thru in Prince Frederick, MD, on our way back from the Chesapeake Bay on March 21. This person ahead of us in line in a Chevrolet truck with South Carolina plates just paid for our meal!! 🤷‍♀️ Such a heartfelt, kind thing to do to a stranger! So I passed on his kind gesture and paid for the car behind me! Bless him for his kind gesture. it certainly reaffirms my faith in humanity #randomactsofkindness #passitforward

I have been doing 40 days of Kindness for Lent. I am on Day 33. I have done a variety of acts over the last 32 days.

Every year for St. Patricks Day, i make soda bread to gift to friends and coworkers. I always make extra to gift to random people. I was making some loaves when i got a delivery. The delivery man was very nice and helpful, so i gave him a loaf and a generous tip. He said if he could, he would hug me because that made his day.

Plant hire company, RJC Plant Services surprised 50 elderly residents in the village of Church Fenton where the company is based with an afternoon tea on Random Act of Kindness Day. The organisation wanted to give something back to the community and make people smile and feel noticed after a really difficult year.

There is always a reason to be thankful for something in your life, today i am thankful for all the teachers and staff at Fairfield Primary School. They have worked so hard in these unprecedented times to support children going into school & children working remotely from home.

Thank you to the lovely Hannah who I met today at Stoke Manderville Hospital whilst on shift, who very very kindly bought us breakfast this morning!

I was giving away some unwanted items over the internet for free because I wanted to get rid of the clutter, and found a woman named Sophie who wanted two of the items. All I asked is that she give me a warning when she was close so I could put them outside in the bag, ready for her. When the time came, I put them out and thought that was the end of it. Instead, I heard a heavy thud on the doormat, which was followed by a message from her saying she’d put a thank you through the door! When I investigated, I found a five-pound note inside an envelope, attached to a box of salted caramel Matchsticks! On the envelope, she had written ‘Just a small thank you enclosed. Enjoy! Sophie’

I’d had a terrible day, still suffering terrible fatigue from the COVID I’d had in November and I can’t tell you how much this small act of kindness cheered me on what was, until that point, a pretty bad day.

Our New Year’s resolution was to ‘be kind’ after we were gifted £5 from a man the other weekend for litter picking we decided we wanted to do 12 random acts of kindness this year – 1 every month.
January’s random act of kindness – we used the £5 we were gifted and with the help of our local bakery we gave 5 random customers a yummy treat we hope they can keep this kindness going and do their own RAOK to help make people smile.