Breakfast for Dad-Dad. My partner’s dad, known as Dad-Dad to his kids, has been feeling low lately. It’s nothing big, more that at 89 he’s feeling his years right now and the isolation is not helping. So, in spite of deadlines and a lot of other competing demands, my partner invites him over for breakfast. In this case, I’m not only seeing a lovely act of kindness but also getting a yummy breakfast to boot!

I bought ice cream for a friend of mine after he gave me a guitar lesson in the park #vancouver #kindness

I saw someone save a boy who was having a really hard time swimming at the lake

I saw someone buy a homeless man lunch today

a friend/acquaintance sent me a text this morning asking how i’ve been and that he misses seeing me. i was a little surprised because we aren’t super close, but it meant a lot to me to be thought of and missed!

My friends moving back to Ontario so a bunch of my friends got together to throw her a little surprise going away party!

Someone payed for my coffee in front of me when I went through the drive thru today! It’s the little things like this that really make your day!

My sister bought me my favourite coffee today 🙂

My friend told me about how her neighbour brings her morning coffee over every few days since shes been stuck working form home!

Today I Face Timed my family back home to check in on everyone!