20 years ago I went to a coffee shop. When I went to pay for my coffee, the barista told me another customer had already paid for it! All these years later, I still remember this moment.

The other day I was in a coffee shop when an older man dropped his pen. He didn’t notice but another woman did and silently picked it up and put it back on his table. He thanked her profusely. She was so gracious and they ended up having a little chat. It was lovely to witness and reminded me that kind people are everywhere!

Share an act of kindness

My friend made me a special dinner of pakoras! I told her I wanted to try them and she made me a whole plate! So lovely!

I was prevented from committing suicide when I was 29 by a fellow Samaritan who persuaded me to talk about why I wanted to do this.
A few years later, I was able to pay this kindness forward for a young lad who looked like he wanted to jump off London Bridge.

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful partner and sisters-in-law. You all made it through the birthing and raising of your children, and they are still answering your phone calls !! (LOL)

I recently gave someone I used to work with a glowing reference. They absolutely deserved it. And just found out that they were offered the job at a higher rate than they initially negotiated! Woohoo! That news so made my day!

Dear Leah,

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day and hopefully a really good LOVEKINDNESS event.

During the pandemic these cutlery wraps were delivered to Therapy Team at Hereford County Hospital