Was on the West Coast Seeds (https://www.westcoastseeds.com) site today and noticed that they have raised $200,000 for food banks selling the Dr. Bonnie Henry pollinator blend seed packages. That’s what I call a win-win. Food banks benefit and pollinators benefit! Go West Coast Seeds! #KindnessisGoodForBusinessInBC

Our Grade One Students came up with a months worth of Random Acts of Kindness that the school community could do at home and school during the pandemic. Share Kindness everyday!

Someone I work with has been having a tough time with her mental health. We haven’t always gotten along, in fact I often felt she didn’t get me. But she opened up to me about what she has been going through: adjusting to medications, moving through her own trauma. I knew my own experience could be helpful to her but in the past I would have never felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable with someone I struggled with. This time was different. I let down my wall. I decided to be kind. Not nice. Not just say platitudes. But to be honest and share my experience with mental illness and being okay with being not okay. She was so appreciative – she even took me aside to deeply thank me for my openness. We really connected in a deeper way and I felt like we were able to see each other a little more fully. I’m grateful this site has encouraged me to see ways where I can change niceness into kindness.

We shared random acts of kindness in memory of our little boy Frankie who died in his sleep aged 3. We hope to raise awareness of Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood.

Day 35, 36 of 40 – Tues. Wed. #RandomActsOfKindness – Yesterday I took coffee to the business next door to me. Today my local coffee shop staff gave me an award! They gave me a card signed by morning staff – it read “to our most giving customer. Thank you for starting a wave of customers buying for each other! You put a smile on our faces too!” It blew me away!

I love helping others and live in a great community where I am very fortunate to have a group of lovely ladies that come together to help me. We work great as a team, having rallied together to help 12 families affected by a fire in September, taking in donations of clothes household items and toys. My garage is the central store and the community continue to give and now I take these donations to a local oragnisation that helps the homeless and those less fortunate. I have also recently started up a group for the Crisp Packet Project, I now have over 240 in the group in just over 2 months. We make “survival bags” containing a pillow & blanket made out of crisp packets, knitted hat and scarf, container for snacks and some toiletries all in a crisp packet shoulder bag. I received a lovely bouquet of flowers at the weekend from someone in the community with a note saying “Dear Gina, A random act of kindness to someone who is always very kind”.

Charlie’s helping his Mum clean the windows, as he has realised just how much she does for them all. His Mum has been diagnosed with long covid and is struggling with her recovery. This is so kind, and indicative of the lovely soul he has.

nnie has baked cup cakes for lots of different people.. he wants to give some of them to the bin men on Friday for all the hard work they do and also to family and close friends who are currently very poorly

Henry is moving house, so he made this trifle and wrote this card for his neighbour to say thank you! So sweet!