Was on the West Coast Seeds (https://www.westcoastseeds.com) site today and noticed that they have raised $200,000 for food banks selling the Dr. Bonnie Henry pollinator blend seed packages. That’s what I call a win-win. Food banks benefit and pollinators benefit! Go West Coast Seeds! #KindnessisGoodForBusinessInBC

Our Grade One Students came up with a months worth of Random Acts of Kindness that the school community could do at home and school during the pandemic. Share Kindness everyday!

A friend of mine led his team through a new team-building exercise today in their daily huddle. He paired his team up, assigning them to each share something positive that they appreciated about their teammate. He told me he was pleased with how the exercise went, and that everyone seemed in better spirits afterwards. I’m proud he’s demonstrating kind leadership!

Every time I go thru a drive thru, I always pay for the car behind me. I have been doing this for many years, even when I travel. I love giving with my whole heart to a total stranger! It’s one of the best feelings in the world! I like to think I made their day just a little bit better!

Our New Year’s resolution was to ‘be kind’ after we were gifted £5 from a man the other weekend for litter picking we decided we wanted to do 12 random acts of kindness this year – 1 every month.
January’s random act of kindness – we used the £5 we were gifted and with the help of our local bakery we gave 5 random customers a yummy treat we hope they can keep this kindness going and do their own RAOK to help make people smile.


At work we have a challenge in which we have two weeks to spend as much time as possible in teams improving our own mental and physical wellbeing and/or supporting charitiies. I was collecting clothes in the apartment complex and donate them to a charity for the underprivileged and the homeless.

I am a palliative care nurse working with frail care home patients affectwd by Covid 19. They havent had visits from family in months so are lacking in many oersonal otems such as toiletries. i put out an appeal to my workplace to collect items for cate packs and the first arrived today!!

Merry Christmas and Thank you very much

You know that moment of panic when you reach to your back pocket as the cashier brightly announces, “£13 and 42p”, and the pocket is empty. “Cash or card?”

“Shit! Neither. I’ve left my wallet.”

After agreeing to leave my trolley to one side, I’m walking to the exit and before I can start cursing myself for killing the planet with wasted journeys, someone behind me shouts, “Hold on mate.”

Oh, perhaps I didn’t forget my wallet after all, I thought. I must have somehow dropped it at the check-out.

“It’s your lucky day” says the cashier. “This kind gentleman is paying for your shopping.”

“#MerryChristmas” says the stranger as the machine bleeps to approve payment after his card swipe.

I’m sure the cashier could see my mouth gaping wide open even though I had on a mask. My flickering eye lids betrayed my confusion and astonishment. I managed to mutter, “Thank you very much.”

The shortish white guy wearing grey sweat gear turned chirpily saying, “Not a problem mate.” With no further ado, he’d left me to bag my shopping still stunned and reeling from his random act of kind generosity at Aldi UK in Donnington.

Day 7 of #24DaysofKindness: I have asked my family to all shop locally and get Christmas gifts that are either locally made/produced or from a local service provider. I will do the same. It will help to support those businesses AND more of the money from those sales will stay in the community. Win-Win. Make this holiday season be about your local community.

Here’s my Day 2 story for #24DaysofKindness, Say Something Kind. Today I posted about how much I appreciate the team I’m working with. It took me all day to think about how I wanted to complete the challenge. I say lots of “nice” things to people all day. Saying something kind means really seeing them, and, letting them see you. And so as I reflected on this I thought about this team and how they are all really giving of themselves to make this project happen. In expressing that, I realized how lucky I am to have this fantastic group of people to work with. It’s kind of like boomerang kindness!