Went boating and was filling up gas at horseshoe bay. Didn’t realize the plug was missing from back of the boat (while driving you cant notice). When we stopped the boat started filling up with water and motor was too far under to start. IT WAS CHAOTIC . We got towed by a very nice lady and beached the boat. At this point, we thought the day was over but kindness prevailed ! Some kind soul let us swim out half filled boat to his trailer to drain the water out until we could find a plug. People waiting to launch their boats were very patient and understanding. After draining and plugging the boat, motor started and we were on our way to an exciting day filled with cliff jumping and wakeboarding. Amazed by how understanding and helpful people can be 🙂 I will most certainly pay it forward when I can by helping someone out in need out on the water 🙂

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