We have a doe with twin fawns who has frequented our yard since early spring. The fawns burst onto our scene, frolicking as if our yard was a Disney cartoon. They gleaned birdseed that was on the ground…we also put out some corn for them.

Fast foward to late August. The doe was hit by a vehicle, dragged, and partially skinned. her injuries were atrocious. We contacted the local police and the DNR, asking that they put her down. No way could she survive. They never could corral her. So I took a different tack. Put out the best food possible. Made sure she never had to forage.

Her wound has mostly healed. Her leg has healed. She is fattening up. i think she and the fawns will make it.

My friends in the community contribute food almost daily. It takes a village.

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hey marty – thank you so much for sharing this incredible story of resilience and community kindness. i’m so amazed by this doe and how she’s healed! thank you for taking such good care of her and her babies!

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