This Winnipeg teacher was going to pay for her students’ books out of pocket — then, a stranger stepped in.

It all started on Saturday, when Rempel made her annual trip to a local bookstore to refresh the titles in her class at Winnipeg’s Harold Hatcher Elementary School.

When it came time to pay, she realized the $600 budget she had from her school wasn’t going to cover the books she chose. But Rempel, who’s been teaching for 17 years, knew she couldn’t leave the rest behind.

She told the cashier she could afford to buy about half of the leftover books out of her own pocket, but that she’d have to put the rest back.

That’s when another customer, overhearing the conversation, asked if the books were for Rempel’s students. When the teacher told her they were, the woman put a stack of bills totalling $80 on the counter.

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