Season 3 of my #RAKChallenge ends with the following act which I did on 31st of Decemeber 🙂

#RAKChallenge, Day- 31
I save some money in this coin box to give it to some homeless person at the end of the year. I saw a senior citizen begging on the streets for a couple of times and thought of giving the money to her this year. But I don’t know about her whereabouts. However, I carried this coin box hoping to meet her. And suddenly she showed up out of nowhere😊. Venkatamma has a son but he doesn’t take care of her so she ended up begging on the streets. After greeting her, I requested her to sit and empty this bottle. When she saw money in the wooden bottle, she was confused, surprised. Once she’s done emptying, she placed it on her forehead for a while like honoring it or something 😊
Well, that’s all for this year’s #RAKChallenge guys. This is just to challenge myself and to demonstrate how simple and easy to do some little things for others around us within out busy schedules and less money (or no money).
The biggest challenge I face during this challenge is to capture those moments and writing about it. Sometimes it’s difficult to click pictures and then put those moments in words. I often feel I could have said it better or the picture could have been better because it’s very difficult to convey these wonderful experiences in pictures and words. One must experience it to know how wonderful it feels😊
Thank you everyone for sending your love through messages and writing kind words after reading all these stories. I feel great if any of these ideas inspire you to do your bit whenever it is possible.
Love you and God bless you all
#RandomActsOfKindness #BeKind #PiggyBank #Money

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thank you for sharing your 31st act of kindness of your RAKChallenge! i may be biased, but i think you capture everyone’s joy + gratitude really well! thank you for inspiring so many – me included. i’m definitely going to take on the RAKChallenge myself!

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