#RAKChallenge, Day– 9
This lovely couple live next door. They always look happy, smiling, cook together, play Ludo, cards other games together😊
Suddenly uncle had a heatstroke and got his surgery done recently. Ever since they became quiet, and I also got to know that they are also facing some financial difficulties. To be a little helping hand for them, bought these groceries that can be sufficient for a month at least. But I know they wouldn’t accept like this. So, I had to cook up a story that, it’s our family tradition to do things like this during Christmas season. Thank God they fell for it😊. Tried to listen to them and comfort them with my little chat. They seem like happy and smiling. I tried assure them that, I am like their daughter and they can reach me out if they need any help.

#RandomActsOfKindness #BeKind #Couple #SeniorCitizens

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