#RAKChallenge Day – 7
Pavan and Sandeep are in their seventh standard. Despite studying, they also supply milk in our building every morning. Pavan wakes up everyday at 3:45am and Sandeep wakes up at 4am EVERYDAY. I was astonished while interacting with them. They are cheerful, curious and humble. Their energy is contagious. Unlike most of their peer-groups, who waste their time on online games or browsing internet the whole night and wake up in the afternoon feeling lazy and procrastinating, these boys have something about them. They have self-discipline, positive attitude, believe in hard work and hard-earned money. I appreciated them, thanked them for being who they are and gave them whatever the snacks that are available at home at that time just to compliment them. Don’t know how much they got encouraged talking to me but I am inspired by them for sure 😊

#RandomActsOfKindness #HardWork #EarlyRisers

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