#RAKChallenge Day – 6

A toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hair oil, comb, moisturizer, new towel, sanitizer, a pack of biscuits etc., to suffice someone’s morning basic requirements.
Met Yusuf who just got up somewhere on the street
Me: Good morning sir…hope you got some good rest.
Yusuf: Hmm…yeah, okay I guess
Me: I got a few things for you; hope you don’t mind accepting them.
Yusuf: What? OK, lemme check
Me: May I know your name sir?
Yusuf: I am Yusuf, do you know me?
Me: No sir, I don’t know you, you have a good day…bye
What just happened kinda zone he was in by the time I left😊

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