#RAKChallenge Day-3

My nephew’s friend’s sister who is a medical student and a gold medalist, attempted suicide. She is in a critical condition and undergoing treatment. Though I do not know her, I felt like writing some words of encouragement to help her fight this battle. So, sent this letter along with the flowers which I made instantly with whatever the stuff that was available at home only to let her know that, there are people in this world who she doesn’t not know her will love her and care about her. I don’t know if this helps or not, but I want to be hopeful. I want her to survive so that she can impact many lives as a doctor.

Just want all of us to be reminded of a few simple things:
• Our words and actions impact others and their lives around us. Be mindful of everything we say or do
• Think twice before judging someone and jump into conclusions about others.
• No, its not okay to say whatever we want to say just because we find it funny or sarcastic. It might put others down, hurt them and their sentiments
• People who seem to be tough and smiling might be crying and dying inside
• Have a little more patience and try to understand others’ perspective too
• Do not take people, things and life for granted
• Learn to smile, appreciate and don’t forget to give compliments
• Just because others are not like you or do things like you, they are not wrong
• Be kind and considerate to everyone even if the other person seems to be mean to you. They are the ones who need love the most
• Love, give, forgive and let go

As one of the quotes say “Be kind to everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”.

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