#RAKChallenge, Day- 30
Migrant workers: They are the ones who suffered a lot and suffering still in this pandemic. Every time, I hear the word “Migrant Workers”, a picture of people walking in the bright sun, carrying their children and luggage on their shoulders flashes in front of my eyes and makes me feel sad. I always want to do something for them directly. So, these guys work for sand transportation and building construction works. Every morning loads of sand they bring in lorries go their works it seems. Spoke to some of them about how they are doing, a little bit about their family members etc. and invited them for some early morning tea. Requested them to bring all their friends to this nearby tea stall to have some chai. Requested the tea stall guy give them as many teas as they can have and let me know the amount once they are all done. Finally, I could give them around 50+ teas in one go

#RandomActsOfKindness #MigrantWorkers #Tea #BeKind

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