#RAKChallenge, Day- 29
Visiting these adorable senior citizens is one of the most important things in my life. Because their stories and life experiences inspire me and their wisdom enlightens me. Got a few colorful containers, some packed snacks, a Housie and a Ludo/ snake n ladder board games for them. The moment they saw me, they all remembered me and started greeting me except that beautiful girl in the first picture. She is Laxmi and she forgot me. She said I am not able to remember you my child but there is this sweet girl I know is exactly like you. We had so much fun talking and she gave me this hand towel too. And it was me who gave her that hand towel last year and she was telling me about me. I can’t explain how wonderful I felt at that moment😊
Spent a lot of time with these wonderful humans talking, laughing, teaching them how to play Ludo etc. (my nephew helped me in teaching them Ludo) and it turned out to be a fulfilled evening
When I said bye, see you soon, they said “your every visit fills us with energy and make us to be hopeful”. I replied likewise and that’s why I ensure to see you guys😊

#RandomActsOfKindness #SeniorCitizens #BeKind

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