#RAKChallenge, Day- 24
Miss Mary, a sweet 76 years young lady lives by herself. She’s a retired teacher and does her household chores, cooking etc., all by herself. When I met her a couple weeks back, I felt wow of her courage and promised to meet her again. So, this time, I prepared chicken curry (tenderly cooked with less spice, salt etc.) and plain rice, so that she can enjoy her meal that will get digested easily. I also bought a small Christmas tree just to bring the joy of this season. She was so surprised and couldn’t stop smiling when she saw me again. She said she was thinking about me and in fact waiting for me too😊. I spent a lot of time trying to know her story, talking about her life, her family, her challenges to live alone as a woman, her service as a teacher and so many other things. Her mother got paralyzed for a very long time. Since there was no one to take care of her mother, she chooses to keep her mother alive as long as she can. And hence she couldn’t get married. I tried to give as many compliments as I can to appreciate her life to live alone with dignity and grace. She prayed and blessed me before I leave 🙌🙏

#RandomActsOfKindness #BeKind #Dignity #Grace

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