#RAKChallenge, Day-21
Sushant was roaming around a stall where we were buying things for Christmas decoration. This super active boy’s eyes were constantly focusing on stars over there. He was picking it up and putting it back as he doesn’t have money to buy. When I asked do you want me to buy this star, he said yes. I asked why only a star, I’ll buy something else? He said no, I want only star because I like it so much. What do you do with the star even if I buy you one, was my another question. He said he’ll hold it like that and play😊. Bought him the star and asked, now what do you tell your Mom? He was mumbling as he was not sure about his answer. Then I told him, you are a sweet, curious little boy, like a star and you will shine bright like one in future. I bought you this because I like you so much. So, go tell your mom accordingly. He nodded 😊

#RandomActsOfKindness #BeKind #LittleBoy #Children

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