#RAKChallenge, Day-16
Somewhere on the roadside she sat quiet, stuffing the leftover chicken in that empty soft beverage bottle.
Me: Hello, how are you doing?
She: I am busy, don’t disturb me
Me: I am sorry! Are you selling those blankets?
She: No, they are for me. Don’t you see how cold it is these days?
Me: Yes, you are right, we need those many blankets! You had breakfast? Can I buy you something to eat or drink?
She: I had dinner last night and I don’t need anymore
Me: Okay, where are you from? Where you live here?
She: I am from Kadapa (a city in Andhra Pradesh), I live somewhere that side. Btw, what’s the name of this city?
Me: This is Hyderabad. Why and when did you come here? What about your family? You could have stayed with them?
She: Well, I came here…because….you know…what else could I do? My husband abandoned me and ran away with another woman.
That broke my heart and my eyes were filled with tears 😢😢

Didn’t know what to do! I begged her to stay there for a minute, ran into a nearby store and bought whatever is available to eat and drink. Somehow managed to place them in that bag of blankets as she was already started walking away from me

#RandomActsOfKindness #BeKind #MentallyChallenged #MentalHealth #Homeless

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it’s amazing how you’re able to connect with people — especially those having a hard time. i hope she enjoys the little surprise when she opens her bag later.

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