#RAKChallenge, Day-13
Meet this birthday boy Sudhakar, a B-tech student. He is kind and steals your heart with that sweet little smile which he wears all the time😊
Sudhakar started building his life on his own as he lost both of his parents at a very young age. He does multiple part-time jobs to meet his financial needs and he made it up to B-Tech on his own. How inspiring it is… 👏 👏
He possesses some extraordinary qualities like humility, sincerity, hard-working and helping nature, goodness, manners, positive attitude, kindness, discipline, decency and so on., which we rarely notice in boys of his age. #BeLikeSudhakar 😊👏
Bought this watch just to tell him how amazing he is as a human and how inspiring his story is….
Join me in wishing him success, luck, love, happiness, prosperity and every good thing that his heart desires.

#RandomActsOfKindness #BeKind #BirthdayBoy

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