#RAKChallenge, Day – 11

Met these most amazing humans during my morning walk. They are super fun to interact with. Every answer to my simple questions like; how they are doing, how pandemic is affecting their lives or livelihood etc., was hilarious. I think humor is making them strong to face the world and the bitterness against them. I apologized them for being rejected as humans and getting discriminated for being who they are. Wished them well and requested to stay safe and take care of themselves until the world gets through this pandemic. Since I didn’t carry anything with me to give and there’s nothing around nearby to buy, I gave them some money for their breakfast

#RandomActsOfKindness #BeKind #GenderEquality #ThirdGender

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humour can help in even the toughest of situations! a positive attitude can change everything. i love that you are able to stop and chat with people — you are a gem!

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