#RAKChallenge, Day-10
Meet Jyothi, a college professor and another sweet neighbor. She’s a happy soul and carries a cheerful attitude all the time. She brings this energetic aura along with her. My ritual of gifting a plant to a neighbor goes to Jyothi this year. Of course, along with a little note telling how awesome she is 😊
I am sure that, there must be at least one person who you think is nice/ cool/ awesome. May I request you to tell him or her that today? Please…

#RandomActsOfKindness #BeKind #Compliment #JoyOfGifting #Plant

2 replies on “#RAKChallenge, Day-10 Meet Jyothi, a college prof”

Plant gifting really does wonders. She said, she wanted to buy plants but was not doing it. The moment I gifted this plant, she and her daughter went and bought a few more plants for their home 🙂
And her smile is infectious 🙂

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