i went to the island this past week one acts of kindness particularly sticks out… the moment we realized we lost the keys to the car. we accidentally drove off with the car keys on the roof and didn’t realize we were missing them until we tried to start the car later and couldn’t find them. (it’s one of those hybrid cars where you push a button to start it… so crazy) we had to drive around and look for them where we had been (and had heard something fall off the roof, completely unaware it was the keys). unfortunately, the keys and fob had been mangled by being left on the highway and we still couldn’t start the car. my aunt drove us all back to her place in two trips (!) and our neighbours in vancouver couriered the replacement key to us on the island. so many people came together to help us out. and my cousin’s hospitality was incredible! driving us around, making sure we still had a good time despite the unfortunate car situation. she was amazing! thanks fern!

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