I was giving away some unwanted items over the internet for free because I wanted to get rid of the clutter, and found a woman named Sophie who wanted two of the items. All I asked is that she give me a warning when she was close so I could put them outside in the bag, ready for her. When the time came, I put them out and thought that was the end of it. Instead, I heard a heavy thud on the doormat, which was followed by a message from her saying she’d put a thank you through the door! When I investigated, I found a five-pound note inside an envelope, attached to a box of salted caramel Matchsticks! On the envelope, she had written ‘Just a small thank you enclosed. Enjoy! Sophie’

I’d had a terrible day, still suffering terrible fatigue from the COVID I’d had in November and I can’t tell you how much this small act of kindness cheered me on what was, until that point, a pretty bad day.

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