i was at my regular coffee shop yesterday and an older lady sat down next to me and asked if i knew the wifi password. i told her the code and even offered to write it down but she couldn’t figure out how to connect her computer to wifi. she handed me her laptop and asked me if i could do it for her. no problem! she told me it was her first computer and it was loaned to her from the college she’s attending. she thanked me several times even though it took less than 20 seconds for me to type in the wifi password.

when her friend arrived she also wanted to know the wifi password and the woman i helped said, “oh! this beautiful lady helped me – ask her!” she was so sweet. i forgot how good it feels to help someone — even if it wasn’t a big deal, she made me feel so helpful! her gratitude was extremely endearing and left me feeling like i did a good thing. 💛✨

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