I wanted to share this story of kindness.

I lost my mum a week before Christmas, she was in a care home, had been living with dementia for a long time, but had caught two infections, her body couldn’t cope anymore.
Because of Covid, my last planned trip to visit was postponed, and so missed that last opportunity to say goodbye.
As a church leader, working and living in a deprived area with my family, and on top of that, the complications of Covid, life has been hectic. My mind and body running on autopilot to make Christmas happen, I was struggling to grieve.
Yesterday, we went on a little shopping trip, before our part of the UK gets put in lockdown again. We visited a well known department store, and as my family were looking at toys, I felt something in my spirit ( a nudge from God) to visit the perfume counter. What I was after, was a sniff of my mum’s signature perfume, from Dior. She wasn’t a make up, skin care lady, but wore Dune by Dior.
I tentatively looked on the shelves, one bottle, and no testers, because of Covid, they had been removed. I asked the assistant if she by chance could let me smell this perfume, she obliged, and as I pressed the perfumed card against my masked face, I just started to blub, through the tears, I shared my story of grief, as the woman listened, within the flash if an eye, she had whipped out a box, and quickly placed the sample perfume inside and handed it to me..
You need this, she said, I’m so sorry for your loss.
I was stunned, grateful, tearful. I thanked her and then found my husband and had a good cry in the men’s clothing department of all places.
Human kindness, such a thoughtful lady, I am so thankful for her.
Mum’s funeral is on Jan 4th, I’ll be wearing Dune and remembering her.

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this is such an incredible story. i’m so glad the shop assistant was able and willing to support you and offer some healing in a bottle of dune. our olfactory senses are so strong and can create such powerful feelings. (i wear or at least smell my mother’s perfume when i’m missing her!) sending you love and healing – especially today for your mum’s funeral. xx

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