I needed some milk to make my mac n cheese. Got an early start wedsnesday the day before thanksgiving so I stopped at a wawa to get the milk. Before going in I’d notice maybe a middle aged man, with a backpack sitting on the sidewalk appearing to be down on his luck standing outside the store, watching as customers were walking in & out. I first walked by him going into the store nothing was said. As I came out a few people before me walked by the man, I heard him asking them for money because he was hungry. They continued walking. As I was approaching to walk by he asked me the same, wanting money stating he was hungry. I repeated to him you’re hungry, he said yes. I put my milk in the car, I turned to him and said, I’ll buy you something to eat. He followed me into the Wawa, he picked up a breakfast sandwich, he turned to me and asked if he could get another one, I said yes. Paid for em and left. As I was paying for them I noticed the man had already begun eating one seeing the crums from the sandwich around his mouth. I felt sad, but yet hoping I had made a difference in his life even it it was for one minute.

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It is hard to see people who are down on their luck, having hit hard times. Your act was both generous and kind. Reading it made a difference in my day. Thank you for sharing.

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