I love helping others and live in a great community where I am very fortunate to have a group of lovely ladies that come together to help me. We work great as a team, having rallied together to help 12 families affected by a fire in September, taking in donations of clothes household items and toys. My garage is the central store and the community continue to give and now I take these donations to a local oragnisation that helps the homeless and those less fortunate. I have also recently started up a group for the Crisp Packet Project, I now have over 240 in the group in just over 2 months. We make “survival bags” containing a pillow & blanket made out of crisp packets, knitted hat and scarf, container for snacks and some toiletries all in a crisp packet shoulder bag. I received a lovely bouquet of flowers at the weekend from someone in the community with a note saying “Dear Gina, A random act of kindness to someone who is always very kind”.

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wow! you are amazing! i’m sure people feel the love and care you give them in all your projects! i’ve seen the survival sleeping bags made of crisp packets and they are incredible!

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