Here’s my Day 2 story for #24DaysofKindness, Say Something Kind. Today I posted about how much I appreciate the team I’m working with. It took me all day to think about how I wanted to complete the challenge. I say lots of “nice” things to people all day. Saying something kind means really seeing them, and, letting them see you. And so as I reflected on this I thought about this team and how they are all really giving of themselves to make this project happen. In expressing that, I realized how lucky I am to have this fantastic group of people to work with. It’s kind of like boomerang kindness!

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karyn, you are so incredible. you exude kindness. you are so giving and thoughtful and take the time to appreciate, reward, and value others. i am so grateful that we get to work on this project (seekindness) together and am so gosh darn lucky to have a fairy godmother like you in my life.

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