Hello Everyone i have been creating and giving
well being journals away for free to groups that support mental health – Domestic Violence -Autism Asd /Adhd and aspergers and more . I have been personally affected by Domestic violence homelessness my son who is on the spectrum and wad diagnosed in 2013 and mental health issues .
i have also seen helped and supported people who also have been impacted
to me lock down affected me in a number of ways so i deciced to chanel that into something positive and Take a whole host of courses and and retrain as an Eft therapist master herbalist and take a counselling skills dimploma as well as many other .
i knew in my heart i had to share my journey with others but to also offer hope to many in these especially difficult times
i am giving these journals away for a short time and will run these give away drives on and off in the near future .
with the hopes of sponser or funding to reach more people .
i understand just how much of a struggle it can sometimes be to cope and that we all get through things differently .
To see what else ive been up to please take a look at my group
on facebook for now
Rosey lees Remedies & Teas
thank you all for reading my story
be well

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These journals are beautiful and look like they can really help. Thank you for doing so many acts of kindness and sharing them on the map!

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