Hello Beautiful People,
Hope y’all safe. As usual I am back with my #RAKChallenge , Season-3 starting from today😊
As you are aware, this little challenge is about doing one Random Acts of Kindness (A selfless deed) every day during the month of December.
I thought of skipping it this year to avoid putting myself into risk due to this pandemic but then I realized this is exactly the time we need to spread love, hope, smiles and good vibes around us more than ever.
In this challenge, the kind of things that I try to do are: Giving a little surprise, a letter/ or a little note of encouragement, a gift, giving away stuff, buying things, paying for something etcetera. This is just to challenge myself and prove that these little things can be done within our busy schedules and zero money or maybe a little money. All we need to do is to put some thoughtfulness, love, kindness and creativity (which we all have) to execute these things.
Let’s do our bit to people around us to be hopeful, smiling, happy, loved, cared, believe in goodness, selflessness, a bit of magic, miracles and so on…
Love you and God bless you all
Day -1
Saw these happy faces around a nearby a local store. After explaining them to NOT TO step out, wear masks and wash their little hands, bought whatever the snacks that they wished to buy😊

#RAKChallenge #RandomActsOfKindness
#Children #Love #Hope #Peace #SpreadTheLove #Thoughtfulness #BeKind #LittleThings #Creativity

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