A lesson in othering: so on an impulse we decided to bug out and go camping. Because we didn’t have a reservation to get into a Provincial Park, we headed to a Forest service recreation area. Gorgeous landscape but oh my, the ATVs, GIANT campers, gas generators running and running. That’s going on in my head. I’m feeling very much like I’m not in tune with the majority. Know what I mean? But then we settle in, get the hammock up and I start thinking about the giant trailer with the tiny Prius parked in front of it. This morning all was revealed. Turns out a friend lent the couple the trailer. Not only that he hauled it to the campsite, set it up, and showed up this morning to haul it away. Of course I could hear all the thank yous, etc. I assumed the trailer guy lived close by. Not so. It’s about a 1 hour drive each way. He took four hours out of his weekend just to give his friend and friend’s wife a weekend out of the city.

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