A kind and lovely person from twitter created this piece of art with an artist that included my four favourite lines from my poem, Satisfaction, from my book, The Collection: a poetic exploration of friendship, love, fantasies and the soulmate. It was temporarily lost in delivery and found today. I was having a “not so great” day and it gave me a such a smile, warmed my heart and made me feel very special. 💛 I’ve have had a very difficult couple of weeks and so many nice people have given me smiles in so many different ways. 💛 I am very grateful 🙏☺️

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This is such a beautiful piece of art! And it sounds like it had a crazy adventurous journey to make it to you! The poem is so comforting and the work is just gorgeous! I’m so glad receiving this piece changed your day! Just seeing the needlework and knowing that there are kind people out there has definitely made my day a little better too!

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