A few weeks ago I came home from an extra long and frustrating drive home…physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. A package had arrived that day for me that I did not expect. It was from a friend that I consider my sister. She sent me an amazing and wonderful assortment of fall/gnome themed gifts just to say she was thankful for me. Needless to say, I was overcome with tears of joy and gratitude. I was compelled to share the idea with the YW women leaders I serve with in the church. Our Stake YW president took the idea and ran with it, sending out similar packages to all the local YW presidents we work with, just to let them know how much we are thankful for all they do to serve. She also sent her counselors and secretary a similar box. Again, another box showed up at my door. Again, I was overcome with gratitude. Days later, our neighbor baked an amazing cannoli bread that was shared with mom and me. Again, what a sweet and delicious surprise. The bread was so big that Bonnie divided it into thirds and took 2 of the sections to some church friends in the area to enjoy as well. Today I #givethanks for these #randomactsofkindness that made my heart swell ❤️ Lindsey, Karen, and Michelle…can’t thank you enough for your #justbecause packages 📦🍞🧡 truly an example how the smallest things can make such a big impact!

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such a beautiful gift and i love how so many random acts of kindness created ripples throughout your friends and community! kindness really is amazing – it can make us feel so connected, especially in these times when we feel so far apart. 💛

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