😁we went grocery shopping a few days ago stvour locsl Winco foods and becausecim disabled we get a helper to push the cart so my husband can oudh me in the wheelchair. our helper Gabe noticed how full our cart was getting and mentioned thstvif dhopprrs dprnd over $100 they get a free turkey. he asked if we wanted one…my husband immediately said no because we do tacos. I jumped in and ssid we could give it tobour neighbor leslie who is alesys doing sweet things for us (making food, etc). so I trxted her askingbif she couldcuse it. I hot a response as we werr getting in line to gheckout. yes…she couldvuse it!!! gabe hightailed it and retrieved the turkey for us. later thst evening leslie csme over to get the turkey and was SO appreciative because she had more people coming for thanksgiving than she was initially expecting and this extra turkey would be a huge help. it felt so good knowing I was pating back her kindness sftercmy stroke last year!

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This is so wonderful, thank you for sharing!
I’m so glad Gabe mentioned the turkey and that Leslie could use it — I love it when kindness makes a community come together!

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